Nils Larsen

Nils Larsen was born in Godfjord Botten c.1734. He and his family lived in an area that was known to be inhabited by Sami (Laplanders) and were most likely Sami themselves. His father, Lars Larsen (c.1700-c.1765) was the original homesteader of Godfjord Botten in c.1730. Nils left the farmstead for the parish church farm of Raa sometime between 1770 and 1771. Although the Kvæfjord church records do not state his marriage with Anne Margrete Samsonsdatter (c.1747-?), they were married shortly thereafter as this marriage was stated in the Øksnes Parish records when he left Kvæfjord during the summer of 1774 for nearby Øksnes. He settled on the farm of Nordsand until 1780, when he moved to nearby Frivag and returned to Nordsand sometime before 1801. Thereafter he moved to Find sometime before 1807 possibly remained there until his death. His death record has yet to be found.

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