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Hereitta Hendriksdatter (1851-1916)
Photographed c.1903, Kabelvag, Nordland County, Norway.

 Welcome to my Norwegian-Sami-American genealogy page! The work included here is an example of several years of labor of my genealogy on my mothers side. There is still much work to be done on it and as any genealogist will tell you, their work will never be done in their lifetime.

The research described here are not based on an individual farm or parishes as many family histories are, but rather to connect deceased individuals to my known family. The purpose of this work is to connect lineages that were either over looked in the Bygdeboks, or oral stories lost in other family histories and to exchange information that my family may have for lost relatives.

As with all active websites, this site is under construction and as a result some of the features presented here are either not operating yet, or their texts are incomplete. Also, the sources listed for individuals are not to be considered all inclusive. There are many sources that have yet to be researched for many of these individuals which will be explained at a later date. At present, the main problem is trying to transfer twenty-plus years of research onto a web site and this will be a slow process, so bookmark this spot and come back often....

Since genealogy is normally a winter sport (too much to do during the summer...) I normally would update this site during the winter. If you enjoyed this site, please let me know! Also, if you have any questions regarding any anyone listed here, please email me. I would love to hear from you......


Last updated October 16, 2003

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